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Couples Therapy

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


Intimate relationships provide a powerful opportunity for personal growth. Couples of all kinds -- married or unmarried, same-sex or opposite-sex –come to therapy for many reasons and during different stages in their relationship. Issues commonly addressed in couple’s therapy are sex, money, communication, infidelity, illness, parenting, addiction, abuse, anger, jealousy, and caring for aging parents. Couples therapy allows you to jointly address these issues while developing honest communication and greater harmony in the relationship.

Couples therapy is not just about having “problems” in your relationship. Many successful couples use couples therapy as a way of maintaining a healthy relationship. Couples find that therapy creates a safe space in which they can regularly discuss what needs attention or to communicate what is currently working or not working in their relationship. Couples therapy is an opportunity to be present for each other, and to use your relationship as a vehicle for healing and cultivating greater intimacy and love.

Where there is love there is life.


Premarital Counseling

More and more engaged or newly married couples use premarital counseling as a proactive, preventive measure establishing a strong foundation from which the relationship can successfully grow.

Premarital counseling is an educational, skill based process which strengthens your relationship and helps prepare you for future challenges. In this process, which is usually a minimum of 6 weeks, you will develop knowledge of your self and your partner which allows for better communication and deeper intimacy. We will explore your hopes, fears and expectations by addressing: money, family dynamics, sex and intimacy, religion and spirituality, and any other relevant topics. We will look at your different communication styles, and I will teach you practical skills supporting a healthy partnership. This is an opportunity to reduce the stress inherent in planning a wedding, a worthwhile investment.

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Couples Bootcamp – A tool kit for successful relationships

This workshop is designed to strengthen your relationship by giving you practical tools and information to help you manage the inevitable challenges inherent in intimate relationships by developing self awareness, communication skills, and practices. Informed by the Enneagram, the work of John Gottman PH.D and Marshall Rosenberg PH.D. You will learn your Enneagram type and how this influences your thoughts and behavior. You will understand the fundamentals to establishing a healthy and vital relationship. You will develop more effective ways of communicating, giving and receiving feedback and conflict management.