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Customized Programs

Customized programs are short term and solution focused, designed to meet your individual needs. Customized programs offer are a powerful opportunity to focus on a specific issue or life transition.

I will work with you to develop the best format to suit your particular circumstances.
Some examples of topics explored:


  • Career Transition
  • Finding Your Life’s Purpose
  • Attracting the One
  • Heartbreak
  • Mid-life: What is My Next Act?
  • An Issue of Forgiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence: What is it? How does it serve me? How do I develop it?
  • Introduction to the Enneagram


Geared towards couples in various stages of their relationship cycle.

  • Marriage Prep: Education and Skill Building
  • Bringing Baby Home: What you need to know
  • Communication: The Art of Repair
  • Sex and Intimacy: Dancing with our Differences
  • Surviving the Betrayal
  • Empty Nest: Rediscovery
  • Relationship Maintenance: A Couple’s Tune Up

Family Issues

  • Honorable Closure: Separation / Divorce
  • Raising Teens