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Embracing the New Midlife: A Woman’s Path
to Awakening

What does it mean to age gracefully during this time of anti-aging therapies, supplements, vitamins, herbs, hormones, Botox, fillers, lifts, lasers, and peels?

Whatever your life circumstances: raising children, caring for ailing parents, empty nest, married, divorced, still single, dealing with health issues, mourning the death of a loved one, managing a career, these middle years can be a creative and fertile time.

As the tide of our biological fertility recedes, we enter a time of transition, a passage from one stage of life into another. Beyond learning how to manage and accept these physical changes is an opportunity for inner transformation.

During this one day workshop we will and come together we will explore the following:

  • Where in your life are you at a crossroads?
  • What do you need to let go of?
  • What do you need to accept?
  • What has heart and meaning for you at this time?

Mid-life is not what it was for our parents. Embrace this opportunity to consciously set the course for you next act.

For registration and more information please email Kyle or call 415-255-3253.